Yahoo brings them up posted on sermon central also & sermons for sale

Changed by his fire - author Terry S  7-10-11  at VCC 8-26-12 pm

Becoming Spiritually Minded Author Terry S Given at VCC on 8-26-12 am

Then sudden destruction Daniel Cohran 1983 VCC 8-2012

I hear the sound of the abundance of rain Terry S

Note: Several other preached it also.

Grabbing the grapes sermon Terry S 8-2012

The Persuaders preached by Terry S 3-07  VCC 8-24-12

A day of Gods Power Revivalist Terry S 9-2003 VCC 9-1-12 am

Like Noah Revivalist Terry S 9-2003 VCC 9-1-12 pm

Firewalkers - Revivalist Terry S 11-2006 VCC

Fireless Foxes - Revivalist Terry S  8-2005 VCC

Ugly Praise - Revivalist Terry S  1-2012 (41/2 star rating) VCC

On one condition - Revivalist Terry S  8-2005 (41/2 star rating) VCC

A Bush on fire - Revivalist Terry S  3-2007 (no rating) VCC

Moving time - Revivalist Terry S  8-2005 (41/2 star rating) VCC

A family resemblance - Revivalist Terry S  8-2005 (no rating) VCC

Stir it up & shake it loose - Revivalist Terry S  5-2005 (41/2 star rating) VCC

"Whatever it Takes"  5-21-00  ---  VCC 9-9-12 & others preached this
Are we there yet                                                       VCC am 9-16-12
Them that believe page 2 Terry S 10-2003 --  VCC 9-16-12 pm

An Unbeatable combination  Terry S 8-2005 4&1\2 star rating VCC 2012

Them that believe page 1 Terry S 10-2003 --  VCC

The Weakest Link Terry S 1-2003  VCC 9/23/12
Combat Ready Jerry Viner 10-20-2000   VCC 10- -12  $4.95

It is your turn now Esther Terry S 11-2006   VCC am 41/2 star rating

What ever it takes James Merritt 5-21-00 added on 8-11-02  VCC 8-9-12

Are we there yet Anthony Hodge 11-2001 41/2 star rating  VCC 9-16-12

The weakest link Terry S 1-2003 4 star rating  VCC 9-26-12 am Pt 2 pm

What were you thinking Roger possible not probable didnít write down details many preached that title.

No more walls Terry S 10-02 4 star rating  VCC 9-30-12

The attitude of consumption 10-9-12 James Roger didnít find any parrot.

Living in the realities of Godís blessings didnít write down the details unknown if parrot.
```I will take what he is having.  By Alan Carr

``` VCC 1-28-12 am
What are you going to do about that.  Terry S  Joshua 10 Deut 2 Posted on internet 8-11.  41/2 star rating  VCC 11-4-12 am service

The overcoming zone  Randy pm 11-4-12 ???? I didnít take any notes donít know.  There is this on the internet Overcoming Your Comfort Zone. By Derek Schneider; Published 03/11/2012; Do you operate inside of a "comfort zone?" Do you live in fear of what might happen if you step

Reversing the curse Revivalist Terry S 41/2 star rating posted 11-10  2 years latter at VCC 11-11-12 am and pm service word for word including the prophecy given by T.S.

I Need A True Worship Experience Kraig Pullan 5 star rating posted 8-06  VCC

11-18-12 am

End Time Posse Jerry Shirley a Baptist posted 8-2006  VCC 11-25-12 am

When the wind blows Terry S 11-12 four star rating  VCC 12-2-12 am

Iíve got a testimony Terry S four star rating posted 11-12  VCC 12-2-12 pm

Setting the coarse of your destiny Eph 1:5 Terry S 7-2002 41/2 star rating  VCC 12-16-12 am

Created for Power Terry S 7-2002 part one and two  VCC 12-23-12

 A New Testament Church Acts Terry S 9-2007  VCC 1-20-13 am

 Pursue overtake & recover 1 Sam 30 David too many in the search engine to check them all out. 1-20-13 pm.

 Can I get a lift Terry S 3-2010 4 star rated  VCC 1-27-13 am

 What do you want Terry S 10-2009 41/2 star rating  VCC 2-3-13 am 

 Created for Power Terry S 7-2002 41/2 star rating  VCC 2-3-13 pm

 Wake up Caleb Numbers 14 Terry S 10-09  VCC 2-10-13 am

Facing the impossible Randy Bataanon  Exodus 14  VCC 2-10-13 pm

Come up Hither Terry S  July 2002 VCC 2-17-13 AM

Desire Spiritual Gifts Terry S 7-2002 41/2 star rating  VCC 2-17-13 pm

Help for the Hopeless Hope for the Helpless Jerry Shirley 02/2013 4 Ĺ star rating  VVC 03/03/13 am

The Impetus of Time\Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Maurice McCarthy 11-2012  VCC 3-17-12 pm

Why did the cheering stop David Taylor 4-2003  VCC 3-24-13 am

Jesus never tapped out Maurice McCarthy  Five star rating  VCC 3-31-13

There is a river Terry S 4-2012 4 star rating  VCC am 4-22-13

The Door Your Grandpa Opened Maurice McCarthy 3-2013 41/2 star rating  pm 4-21-13 

Fire extinguishers John Gaston 41/2 star rating 4-2013  VCC 4-28-13

Hind feet on my high places Maurice McCarthy 5 star rating 10-2012  VCC 5-5-13

I went to the enemies camp and took back what he stole from me John Butler Jr. 4 Ĺ star rating 7-2008  VCC 5-12-13

The more abundant life John Butler Jr. 4 1/2 star rating 4-2008  VCC 5-19-13

What to do when in the waiting room of life  Dean Morgan 8-2009 3 star rating  VCC 5-26-13 am service

How to step into your miracle  Terry S 41/2 star rating 10-10  VCC 5-26-13 pm service

I think I am going to throw up  John Butler Jr.  41/2 star rating  VCC 6-2-13 am;_ylt=AveLh5s2ccCY_wVnHznr8wqbvZx4?p=I+think+I+am+going+to+throw+up+sermon&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900

The transferring of spirits Dean Morgan 41/2 star rating 7-2008  VCC 6-2-13 pm

Because Because Because Dean Courtier 7-2010 4/12 star rating  VCC Dave Forehand read for D.E. 6-16-13 am

Thereís Power in Your Shout, John Butler, Jr.,  6-2008 4 Ĺ star rating,   VCC D E 6-30-13

Grab his presence was found but didnít note the link.

Calling out to God

There is Something in the Struggle, Terry S 3-2007. 4/1/2  star rating  VCC D E 7-28-13 am

Crossing Jordan Terry S 9-2005 41/2 star rating  VCC D E 7-28-13 

Stir it up and shake it loose Terry S 5-2005 41/2 star rating  VCC D Evans 8-11-13 am service

Changed by fire Terry S 8-2005 41/2 Star rating  VCC D E 8-11-13 pm

The Positive power of desperation Terry S 11-2006 41-2 star rating  VCC 8-18-13 am D Evans

Bitter or Better Terry S 7-2002 41/2 star rating  VCC 8-25-13 pm D E

Can you stand to be blessed Terry S 7-2005 5 star rating  VCC 9-1-13 am & pm service D E

Jesus said greater things shall you do (search gives 2 different sermons and I didnít write down enough details)  VCC 9-8-13 am service

Removing the mountain Jeff Kirst 1-2003 no rating  VCC 9-8-13 pm D E

An open door but only a little strength Maurice McCarthy 3-2013 5 star rating  VCC 9-15-13 AM & PM D E 

You havenít seen anything yet Terry S 3-2005 no rating  VCC 9-22-13 am

Troubled waters Terry S 7-2002 no rating  VCC 9-22-13 pm D E

Blessed hunger Terry S 3-2007 4 Ĺ star rating  VCC 9-29-13 pm D E 

Where they said there is nothing, Terry S 9-2013 4 star rating  VCC D E 10-6-13 am service

There you will hear Maurice Mccarthy 12-2010 5 star rating  VCC 10-13-13 am D E

The secret power of joy  Terry S 7-2013 4 star rating  VCC 10-13-13 pm D E

New beginnings Rocco Naude 1-2002 5 star rating  VCC 10-27-13 am (but not word for word examples left out)  D Evans

The privileges of a man or woman of God? 10-27-13 pm VCC D E

The tower of power John Butler Jr. 6-2008 41/2 star rating  VCC 11-10-13 DE 

Be tho Removed John Butler Jr. 5-2007 41/2 star rating  VCC 11-17-13 am DE

A great outpouring 11-17-13pm   D F by the spirit

The Tragic prophecy  John Butler Jr.  1-2008 41/2 star rating VCC 12=1-13 am&pm

Let my people go.  Too many too much time to find VCC 12-8-13 am

Breastplate of Righteousness VCC Randy for DE 12-15-13 am


Follow us 1-5-14am DF for DE 1-5-14am

It is time to wake up church pm DE 1-5-14pm 

Donít put a question mark where God puts a period Terry S 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 1-12-14am DE

Stoke the fire be a good setter 1-12-14pm Randy    

What is your vision 1-19-14pm DE waited too long to look up donít remember details

Psalm 121: 1-26-14pm DE   

No more crumbs Terry S 8-2002  4 star rating parroted VCC 2-16-14 am service DF for DE

It is coming back Terry S 10-2013 21/2 star rating parroted VCC as ďIt is either bad or it is coming backĒ 11 Kings 6:1-8 word for word.

An unbeatable Combination Terry S  8-2005 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 2-23-14pm DE

Keep on walking Terry S 8-2002 41/2 star rating parroted VCC am & pm 3-2-14 DE

Cave time Terry S 5-2006 41/2 star rating parroted VCC am & pm 3-9-14 VCC DE

Constraining Jesus Terry S 7-2002 41/2 star rating parroted VCC am DE

Manifesting your sonship Terry S 8-2002 no rating parroted VCC 3-15-14 pm DE

How much longer shall you wait 3-23-14 I wrote down the wrong title.

A family resemblance Terry S 7-2005 4 Ĺ star rating parroted VCC 3-30-14 DE

Lame at the gate Terry S 10-2009 4 Ĺ star rating parroted VCC 4-5-14 am DE

His strength to build faith Randy 4-5-14 not parroted

Dare to dream a dream Joseph was a dreamer Terry S 7-2002 parroted VCC 4-13-14 am DE

No Greater love DE 4-20-14 didnít locate source compare OT to New John etc.

Donít let the devil use you 4-27-14am DE it was but unable to pin 

Touch the invisible DE 6-15-14pm too many choices waited too long to check out.

There is much coming your way today Terry S 9-2008 41/2 star rating DE 6-15-14pm

Stir up the gifts that are in you Terry S 4-2014  6-14-14 DE 

God for the big life Terry S 4-14 4 star rating parroted 7-20-14am DE

Because you are anointed Terry S 10-2013 41/2 star rating parroted DE 7-27-14

God is still in control Terry S 10-2009 41/2 star rating parroted DE 8-3-14

The day of Gods power Terry S 9-2003 41/2 star rating parroted DE 8-10-14

Why do we wait Terry S 3-2007 5 star rating parroted DE 8-17-14am

A full house Jerry Flury 6-2002 41/2 star rating parroted DE 8-19-14 pm parroted DE 8-19-14

The best yet to come Quinton Williamson 10-2002 4-1/2 star rating parroted 8-24-14 am DE

Not one more night with the frogs Terry S 9-2007 41/2 star rating parroted DE 8-31-14 am

Is there a believer in the house Terry S 10-2010 41/2 star rating parroted DE 8-31-14 pm

Changing your atmosphere T S 8-2002 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 10-5-14pm 

Who has hindered you T S 9-2007 parroted VCC 10-12-14am 

The Believers joy T S 7-2002 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 10-19-14 pm 

Kingdom Takeover  Terry S 4-14 4 star rating parroted VCC 7-12-14 am & pm 

Pre Christmas Gifts 12-114-14 tithing his own

The anointing of power TS April 2014 41/2 star rating 4-14 parroted VCC am service 

Somebody got mad 4-14 T S 4 star rating parroted VCC 12-28-14 am & pm 

2015 `````````````````````````````````

Old burnt stones for a new wall  TS  12-14 5 star rating  parroted VCC 1-4-15 am 

Old burnt stones for a new wall  TS  12-14 5 star rating  parroted VCC 1-4-15 pm part 2 

The Vanguard Church TS 12-14 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 1-1-15 am 

The End TS 12-14 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 1-23-15 am 

Tho Art Loosed 12-14 TS 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 2-2-15 am service 

2-2-15 pm service didn't get title copied down blind Barnamanus (sp) heard used vocal cords used what he had

Stir it up & shake it loose  TS 5-2005 41/2 star rating parroted VCC 2-13-15 am 

When Jesus says come 8-2011 TS parroted VCC 2-22-15  am 



 7-29-12 pm service 2d word For many are trying to stand in their own strength, they are trying to do things in their own ability, with their own skills or they are parroting what others say, they are parroting what others do and it is not operating from their heart.  Even though it sounds good, even though many can shout, many can praise God for the things that they are saying and doing, but yet it is not theirs, it is not theirs, make it yours, make it become yours.  I donít need others to parrot others, I need you to walk in the ability that I have given unto you, I need you to do the things that I have called you to do, I need you.


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